The MMC assesses existing systems to identify processes associated with critical materials, microelectronics development / production or emerging needs that will characterize 21st Century life for Americans. We model these systems identifying incumbent elements of the system (outlined in yellow), critical commodities (green), new or expansion opportunities (blue) or requirements for innovation (red). We see innovation requirements as ideal topics for university research. We see new / expansion opportunities as potential projects that we can synchronize among researchers, private sector firms and communities.

Potential Projects:

Beneficiation Technology Deployment in Missouri

  A collaborative effort among the MCC, the Missouri University of Science and Technology and multiple private sector partners including Jost Chemical and the Doe Run Company, this project will extract value and critical materials from the tailings at the former Sullivan, MO mine. Expected innovations include updated  beneficiation technology that extracts critical materials in a more ecologically friendly manner than smelting, transitions those materials to firms that need them and initiates economic development in Southeastern MO when the technology is deployed at scale.