The MMC will use group concept mapping (GCM) to help disparate stakeholder groups to co-construct priority areas for technology innovation  and research opportunity development within the collective. We will include academic institutions, private sector partners and public entities in the discussion to clearly identify the points at which a research product or project can drive profitability without subsidy over the long term.

The GCM approach is made up of six primary steps: (1) Preparation, (2) Generation, (3) Structuring, (4) Analysis, (5) Interpretation, and (6) Usage (Group Concept Mapping). 


Among the topics in our region that are currently under development and will be pursued through the MMC include:

  • Research focused on ecological and safe production of Flourine products critical to the production of microelectronics related industries from fabrication of microchips to creation of Teflon or multiple other required precursor activities.
  • High quality and accessible sources of multiple critical elements that allow companies to mitigate impurities found in some foreign markets or conflict-induced lack of critical production factors ranging from power accessibility to regulatory structures.
  • Technology innovations that allow for domestic production of materials required for power storage that are physically accessible in the Missouri/Kansas region but are not currently available to producers at scale.